The reason I am so far behind on my blog is because for the last 2 weeks my computer has been at the Mac hospital. It should be better tomorrow.


I know I am straying away from just blogging about my travels, but I really need a blog as a fashion/ creative outlet ( hint hint Jenna G.) This is a great jewelry designer I found, all of her pieces are hand made and one of a kind.

I LOVE Lady Gaga, I would not be able to drunkenly dance without her music, however I feel like she is starting to look like a tranny. I have nothing against the transvestite friends, but I do think that if you name is going to start with the word LADY, you should at least look like one.

Maria (my cousin and fav person in the world!) and I could not be more excited about both of us studying abroad at the same time, She is in Bonn Germany. For Easter she came to visit me in Florence, so I could show her around my 2nd home!

Piazza Republica

The Easter Parade, after they blew up a cart in front of the Duomo

On Ross’ rooftop

We went on a wine tour in Tuscany, this is the first place we went, a castle that the family still lives in, it was an old Medici castle that they took over from the Pauzzi family after they tried to overthrow the Medicis

Outside of the Vineyard

The View from Piazza Michalangelo

As I am thinking about decorating my house for next year, I want to cover my room in reminders of my last year I spent traveling around Europe. These are 2 walls I have seen and want to do something like this to decorate my room.

I saw this at the Modern Art Museum in Madrid, it actually had a Cinderella theme.

From the restaurant, Taller Tapas in Barcelona, it what covering one wall when you first walked in. It was all pictures from the filming of the movie, Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. They filmed part of the movie here!

So now I can’t decide if I want to do all black and white or just a mash up of photos, I like the look of the black and white but I think some of the photos I have look best left in color.

Spain has a crazy nightlife, especially Barcelona whose clubs are all located on the beach and you can walk from club to club on a boardwalk right on the beach, I thought it would be fun to stop at the beach for some sandy cartwheels. Spain nightlife starts around 12-1am, we were not eating dinner until 10pm and staying out until 4-6am, my body was not a fan of this since we were still waking up early to be able to sitesee. I took 2 days of straight sleeping after returning from Spain.


We really were inside a huge igloo.

This is a restuarant we went to that was in Vicky, Christina, Barcelona and had been written up in the Denver Post.

I got to meet up with Maria for a night in Madrid and a night in Barcelona.

Roomies in Sevilla!

Irish Pub in Valencia and a very hilarious game of “Never Have I Ever”

hmmmm, decisions.

Bob Marley shots at shot cafe in Barcelona, we also did Harry Potter, Florence, Maria and Boy Scout

Maria still hates me a little for making her do a Monica Lewinsky.

Barcelona in one sentence: After being pickpocketed on the metro, you watch a guy play the guitar completly naked. You can’t make this stuff up.

Barcelona is big, but also full of art, culture, shops, museums, restaurants and a crazy night life ( look for further posts on this). I loved the city, but could not live with constantly living in a fear of wondering when and where someone was going to steal everything from you, which is common for everyone, not just tourists.

Park Guell, designed by Gaudi, originally thought of to be an upscale community, after that fell through it became a park for everyone to enjoy the architecual styles of Gaudi.

The Dragon Fountain

La Sangrada Familia, started and designed by Gaudi, it still isn’t finished 100 years later, what you pay to visit goes towards the completion of this church. I want to see it when it is finished knowing I gave a contribution to it.

The Gaudi house that they say looks like melting Ice Cream, I don’t really see it, but it is still cool that he has houses throughout the city.

Picasso Museum. It was set up chronologically so you were able to see all the styles he went through before inventing cubism that he is famous for today. This is his “Las Minas” we saw the original one by Velaquez at the Prado in Madrid.

The Chocolate Museum. Our ticket to get in was a bar of chocolate, totally worth it.